Let’s reignite your sleep

Based on solid science, adapted to you


Our program is founded on evidence based, scientifically proven techniques.


From beginning to end, your program is adapted to you, your sleep problem and your progress.


Connect with a community of people with sleep issues, inspiring each other to success.

Expert help

Twice a week, you'll also be able to ask your questions to a sleep specialist in live video sessions.

Scientifically-proven, non-medicated

Our program combines several different, proven, cognitive and behavioural approaches.

The program, created by insomnia specialist Stephanie Romiszewski, is founded on the method she has created and developed. It based on her 15 plus years experience in both research and treatment of sleep disorders

It includes among others techniques based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which has been shown to be the gold standard in the treatment of insomnia in numerous studies across the world.


What our members are saying

Grace L.
Grace L.
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“I feel so much healthier, my lifestyle as a whole has got healthier. I’m better at work, I’m better with my friends and my family. I go out more, I spend more time with people. I have energy. If you don’t know what it’s like not sleep, it might sound dramatic to hear, but this was life changing… I can’t stress enough the difference being able to sleep better makes to all aspects of your life.”
Vivian H.
Vivian H.
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"I was so sceptical at first. I had suffered with insomnia for 19 years, sometimes only managing on 2 hours sleep a day! Within 4 weeks my sleep had already doubled and some nights I've got 5 hours, this is amazing. I am SO glad I took this up, I never thought I'd ever sleep properly again. Thank you so much Stephanie and for anyone thinking about it: Do it!"
Iain B.
Iain B.
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"I wish I had done something about my sleep problems a long time ago. Although I had been doing some things correctly, it’s not until you pick it all apart and understand why things are like they are that you start the process of recovery. Yes, it’s been hard at times, with unexpected methods but it is working! Like most things in life, it’s up to you to take on the challenge."
Anne B.
Anne B.
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"I no longer slog through the day. I no longer dread going to bed because I’m not going to sleep, because I know I am. I also know that if there is any reason in my life that will affect my sleep, I now have the tools to get back on track."
Peter S
Peter S
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It was tough at times but the results are beyond words. I had no idea what getting up rested, fresh and full of energy was like. Also no more brain fog, no horrible evenings dreading going to bed, and best is I don't even care if I have the odd bad night, I know it's a one-off. I now SEE myself as a good sleeper. I can't recommend enough"
Claire S
Claire S
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"I was worried it would make me do things that would affect my quality of life and thinking why would it work when nothing else has. My mind wasn’t put at rest until I started, and then I almost immediately had confidence it would work. Now I’ve finished, I have a minimum of seven hours sleep every night and I no longer feel tired during the day. It will work as long as you follow the rules and stick at it. It’s not a quick fix and it’s not easy but it’s worth the effort and you’ll get all the help you need. Thank you for making such a difference in my life and helping me to join the band of good sleepers!"
Claire D.
Claire D.
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It has been an absolute eye opener and I want to shout it through rooftops.. To get in to bed and to not lie there for hours.. it's fantastic I've not felt this good in a long, long time.
Seb B.
Seb B.
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The first time I was not feeling sleepy and exhausted when I was getting up was a wow effect. I had not lived this in a very, very long time. And the changes this made in my everyday life, in my work was great
Brian M.
Brian M.
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All I can say is that I would highly recommend it. It's changed my sleep, released me from feeling guilty for being awake and reassured me things can and have got better. Go for it.
Liz C.
Liz C.
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I’m now sleeping for 7 hours. I haven’t done that in years… I don’t think I was sleeping more than 4 before this. 7 hours is a huge thing for me. I’m waking up waking up like I slept. It’s been amazing. I no longer have that underlying anxiety and fear.. .Sleep was all I would think about. I had tried everything, nothing had worked. I feel so much more confident about my life going forward!

Because we're all different

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach treatment approach.

At Sleepyhead Program we believe in creating a highly adaptive, personalised program.

Based on in-depth assessments of your sleep, your health and your environment, we create your personalised program.

But it doesn’t stop there… Throughout the sleep retraining therapy, we adapt the program to your progress.
We want to make what can at times be difficult, as easy as possible.

Insomnia is lonely.
Treatment shouldn't be.

Insomnia therapy often makes you feel isolated and lonely.

We make sure that you’re never feel alone.

Our private community means you’re part of a non-judgmental group of people, always there to help and encourage you to keep going…

Our SHP sleep coaches are available for extra guidance along your journey.

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Developed by sleep expert Stephanie Romiszewski

Stephanie Romiszewski

Stephanie Romiszewski is an insomnia specialist with over 15 years’ experience in the research and treatment of sleep disorders.

Her career has led her to work for unique institutions such as Guy’s and St Thomas’ sleep disorder centre, Harvard Medical school and NASA….

Today she shares her time between her private clinic, NHS programs, corporate health and media work, and the constant development of Sleepyhead Program.

She’s a regular sleep expert for major broadcasters such as the BBC, Sky News and Channel 4 and a contributor for The Guardian, The Times, Vice, Business Insider and The Spectator.

Stephanie Romiszewski

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, our program is not adapted to all types of sleep problems nor to everyone. This why, to ensure that the program is right for you and your personal circumstances, we ask you a few questions. Indeed, at the moment, our program is not yet designed to people from ore or more of the below conditions:
– Epilepsy
– Bipolar disorder
– Schizophrenia
– Psychosis
– Seizures
– Sleep apnea
– Fibromyalgia
– Psychoaffective disorder
– Multiple Sclerosis
– Severe depression
– Severe anxiety
– Manias
– Tinnitus
– Chronic pain
– Chronic illness or disease
– Narcolepsy
– Circadian rhythm disorder
– REM sleep behaviour disorder
– Restless leg syndrome
– Parasomnias
– Suicidal thoughts
– Diagnosed chronic fatigue syndrome
– Diabetes

It is impossible to give you an answer to this question, as there are too many variables at play.

Most people will experience the first improvements in their sleep after 2 to 4 weeks.

Then, your sleep should continue to gradually improve both in terms of quality and duration over the next 4 to 8 weeks.

However it is very important to remember that the aim of this program is to fix your sleep problem for good.

Therefore the focus should be on doing things as well as possible and not as quickly as possible.

Some people feel they should take time off to do follow the program..

Well, in fact, quite the opposite is true.

Having a structured routine of work, social life and healthy habits only helps.  The aim is for you to do this going through what would be your “normal”.

However, if something major is about to happen in your life, something that is stressful and not your long term “normal”  then  it’s best to wait until after this event.

This is true of events such as moving home, having a baby, starting a new job or other potentially stressful life events. 

This program is for adults only. 

There are literally hundreds of studies, (including well over 100 Randomised Control Trials) going back over 30 years demonstrating its efficacy.


What does the research say?

There is strong empirical evidence that CBT-I  is an effective and long lasting treatment for patients suffering from insomnia.

It has been demonstrated that although improvements take longer to be experienced, these improvements are sustained over time.

Sleep latency, total sleep time, duration of wakefulness, and sleep quality have been all been shown to improve significantly compared with control groups.

We do not ask you to change anything in your lifestyle.

There are no evening sleep routines, no strict daytime rules to follow.

However we will give you rules to follow regarding your allowed sleep times.

These are times YOU will be able to choose.

It’s important to remember that all the things you need to do during the program are only for a few weeks…

At the end of the program you will be a good sleeper and will not have any rules to follow any longer

Unfortunately this program is not designed for you if you are pregnant or you have given birth less than 3 months ago.

Unfortunately, many woman going through the menopause will suffer from insomnia.

Our program is adapted to you if your sleep problem has been going on for more than just a few months.

Sadly our program is not quite yet adapted for people working night, or alternate shifts.

We are however working hard at improving our program and hope to be able to help soon.

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