Sleepyhead Program Gold

  • CBT-i (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia) video course with 12 months anytime access.
  • Course created and developed by Stephanie Romiszewski, world-leading specialist sleep physiologist, MSc Behavioural Sleep Medicine and TV sleep expert.
  • Sleepyhead Program Course workbooks, sleep diaries and calculators.
  • Plus tech support.


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The Sleepyhead Program is a guided video course designed to fix your insomnia for good.

The course has been created and developed by world-leading Specialist Sleep Physiologist Stephanie Romiszewski (MSc. Behavioural Sleep Medicine, BSc. Psychology)

The video program, which lasts for a minimum of 4 weeks, is made up of 4 core video sessions in which Stephanie will give you the keys to help you entirely reconstruct your sleep.

Alongside these core sessions, you will also have:

  • Answers to the many questions you may have throughout the course.
  • The Sleepyhead Program course books containing all the guidance you need to help you further improve your sleep.
  • The specially designed and adapted Sleepyhead Program Sleep diaries and Sleep Tracker.
  • 12-weeks support. 
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Course Video Snippets

Stephanie treating sleep sufferers on TV

The Sound Sleep Guarantee

We know all too well how debilitating insomnia is. We don’t want to add any anxiety to your decision of taking action.

We want to make your decision a no-brainer, which is why we’re offering a 30-day full money back guarantee.

No complex terms and conditions… All that we ask is full commitment from yourself.

That means that if you follow the program, watch the videos and complete your course work but you feel your sleep doesn’t improve, just email us and we’ll offer a full refund.

"It really is life changing"

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is in no way an overnight cure…

It will require commitment, resilience and consistency. It is not an easy win, but it will be a massive win.


  • you can not commit fully to this course.
  • Are in constant need for reassurance
  • Expect demonstrable results to continue with your efforts in doing things.
  • Expect results in anything less than a few weeks.

Then this course will sadly not be for you…

This will also be the case if sleep consistency is a struggle due to your circumstances such as:

  • Working night shifts
  • Parent of a baby yet to sleep full nights

In certain cases, CBT-i programs need to be specifically tailored.

As a result, this course, in its current format will not be adapted.

This is the case if you are suffering from any of the following:

        • Epilepsy
        • Bipolar disorder
        • Schizophrenia
        • Psychosis
        • Seizures
        • Sleep apnea
        • Fibromyalgia
        • Multiple Sclerosis
        • PTSD
        • Clinically diagnosed severe depression
        • Clinically diagnosed severe anxiety
        • Manias
        • Tinnitus
        • Diagnosed chronic fatigue syndrome

This depends on many factors such as:

  • How strict you can be
  • How strong willed 
  • Your resilience
  • Your discipline in following the program

However, the vast majority of people will fix their problem between 4-8 week.

CBT-i has vast scientific evidence showing its efficacy.

Success on the program is dependant on your commitment to the course and your consistency and discipline in following the exercises.

Stephanie’s Behavioural Sleep Medicine Course has demonstrated success rates of above 90%.

While the course is perfectly suited and adapted for people suffering from another health condition alongside their chronic sleep problem, there are some exceptions.

If you suffer from any of the following, the course will unfortunately NOT be adapted.

  • Epilepsy
  • Sleep apnea
  • Psychosis
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Bi-polar disorder
  • Manias
  • Schizophrenia
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Tinnitus
  • PTSD
  • Severe clinically diagnosed depression
  • Severe clinically diagnosed anxiety
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Diagnosed chronic fatigue

While CBT-i will definitely be the right path for you to take if you are suffering from one of the above mentioned conditions alongside your chronic insomnia, the Sleepyhead Program Gold course is not yet tailored for you.

We recommend getting in touch with your primary care physician to ask for a referral to a sleep expert near you.

We commit to  fixing your sleep problem but expect from you that you commit to the course 100%

If you follow the course, watch the videos, complete your sleep diaries and calculator every day and if after a few weeks your sleep has not improved, you can decide to stop and get a full refund.

Just return the completed diaries and tracker and we’ll refund you.

Some people feel they should take time off to do the course.

In fact, the opposite is true.

Having a structured routine of work, social life and healthy habits only helps.  The aim is for you to do this going through what would be your “normal”.

However, if something major is about to happen in your life, something that is stressful and not your long term “normal”  then  it’s best to wait until after this event.

This is true of events such as moving home, having a baby, starting a new job or other potentially stressful life events. 

Wait a little and build up that motivation, you’ll be able to take on the challenge later.

Unfortunately, the Sleepyhead Program is for insomnia sufferers only.

If you suffer from other sleep disorders, then this course is not adapted… BUT Stephanie Romiszewksi has a vast amount of experience with many sleep issues and is very well placed to either help you or put you in touch with someone who can.

We recommend you reach out to her clinic:

You can contact Stephanie by clicking this link

This course is for adults only. Whilst some of the advice can be applied to children, it is best to get some further advice from a sleep specialist as at different ages we have different sleep needs, and the course may need to be adapted for the specific age group.

We’re really sorry to hear this… There are a couple of points to look at:

  • Firstly: was it CBT or CBTI? Although they sound similar they are not the same, and CBT is NOT made for treating sleep disorders. 


  • Secondly: we’d like to understand how your therapy was delivered and by who. Stephanie’s course has been created off the back of nearly 15 years’ experience and thousands of individuals treated. Her Behavioural Sleep Medicine course is based on CBTI. But it is that experience that means she is so successful at treating insomnia.

Your anxiety is completely understandable.. There are so many things out there that people try that end up making things worse. 

You probably feel that that you have so little control over your sleep already and it might go all together… 

Please rest assured, this course is no miracle, no quick fix overnight scam. It addresses the source of the problem and works on long term sleep improvement.

Don’t believe us… believe the science!

For CBT-I, there are literally hundreds of studies, (including well over 100 Randomised Control Trials) going back over 30 years demonstrating its efficacy.

What does the research say?

There is strong empirical evidence that CBT-I  is an effective and long lasting treatment for patients suffering from insomnia.

It has been demonstrated that although improvements take longer to be experienced, these improvements are sustained over time.

Sleep latency, total sleep time, duration of wakefulness, and sleep quality have been all been shown to improve significantly compared with control groups.