Sleepyhead Maintain

A program developed to help you further strengthen your gains

Sleepyhead Maintain has been created to support you once you’ve completed our sleep retraining program.

Here to prevent relapses

Once you complete our program it’s easy to let things slip away.

With Sleepyhead Maintain our goal is to help you get things back on track and ensure that a little slip away doesn’t become a relapse.

Ongoing support

We know that life has its ups and downs… And unfortunately, certain events can be difficult to manage. 

While you may have fixed your sleep problem, sometimes life throws it challenges at us.

Illness, relationship issues, work worries, or even a change in your daily routine like a holiday can shift things around.

Sleepyhead Program is there to support you in these tough times.

Post therapy support community

Nobody can really understand what it’s like living with sleep problems or insomnia.

Through our support community, you’ll be able to share your story with others, just like you who’ve walked your walk.

Whether you’re looking for support, comfort or motivation our community is there for you.

What you’ll get

Pay Monthly

£ 19
99 / month
  • Cancel Anytime


12 Months Membership

£ 4
99 / month
  • Launch Special
  • 66% Off

Frequently Asked Questions

You can stop or cancel  your membership at anytime. 

Simply go to the “My Account section”, scroll down to “Subscriptions” and click on cancel. 

No further charges will be made, but you will be able to continue accessing your account until the end of the period you have already purchased.

Unfortunately, at this time, we can only take people who’ve done our sleep retraining program.

Sleepyhead Maintain has been created for people who went through our program.

The maintain program is not a therapy program but an ongoing support program to help you further improve your sleep, as well as to strengthen your gains.