Take your sleep problem into your own hands

Our at home sleep assessment helps you find out about your problem and what to do about it

In-depth Sleep Assessment

Whether you’re just looking to find out about your sleep troubles, or you’re actively looking for a solution to a long-term sleep problem, our sleep assessment will be the perfect first step.

You’ll get insights about your sleep condition as well as personalised recommendations from a specialist sleep physiologist on what to do next.

Plus, our sleep expert will give you adapted and evidence-based advice on ways you can improve your sleep. 

We’re all about real science, data, and insights to make it easier for you to take action on your sleep problem. 

Expert Recommendations

Not only will you receive a complete sleep report at the end of your sleep assessment, but you will also get personalised advice on how you can improve your sleep throughout.

Our sleep expert is one of the UK’s leading sleep disorder specialists with over 15 years’ experience researching and treating varied and complex conditions.

Whatever your sleep problem, whatever other health conditions you are suffering from alongside your sleep issue and no matter how long you’ve been experiencing the problem, Stephanie Romiszewski will give you advice on the very best next step you can take.

How it works


Answer our questionnaires to tell us all about yourself and your sleep problem


Complete a 7-night long sleep tracking diary from the comfort of your own home.


You’ll get your personalised sleep assessment report with next-step recommendations.

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Meet Our Sleep Expert

Stephanie Romiszewski

Our sleep assessment has been created by world-renowned sleep physiologist, Stephanie Romiszewski.

Stephanie’s experience extends from working on chronobiological research; studying how to help NASA astronauts manage the 25-hour Mars day with Harvard Medical School to working as a clinician at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Sleep Disorder Centres.

Her comprehensive knowledge of sleep science and vast experience as a clinician help Stephanie treat patients with all types of complex sleep conditions.

Stephanie is also a go-to sleep expert for the BBC, Sky, The Guardian, Vice and was the sleep expert treating sufferers on Channel 4’s documentary series: The Secrets of Sleep.

Stephanie Romiszewski

Choose the Right Package for You

Sleep Assessment

£ 59
  • Comprehensive Sleep Assessment
  • 7-Night Sleep Review
  • Expert Sleep Analysis
  • Personal Sleep Report
  • Expert Recommendations
  • Sleep improvement Advice

Sleep Assessment
+ Follow Up Call

£ 179
  • Comprehensive sleep assessment
  • 7-night Sleep Review
  • Expert Sleep Analysis
  • Personal Sleep Report
  • Expert Recommendations
  • Sleep Improvement Advice
  • 40-Minute Follow Up Call

Sleep Physiologist Credentials

Frequently Asked Questions

You need no equipment for your sleep tracking.

You’ll self tracking your sleep through specific daily diary entries you’ll receive each morning.

We want to understand what a typical week’s sleep looks like.

So it’s important we get as close to “typical” as possible. 

Indeed that does happen on some occasions.

If this is the case, we do ask you let us know so as to measure another week’s sleep.

Unless you opt for the package that includes a call with a sleep expert, the assessment is entirely online.

The weeklong assessment mus be made over what is a normal week for you.

This means that unless you are on holiday or going through an unusually stressful week, any week is ideal.

At the end of the assessment you will get recommendations as to what the best next steps may be for your problem.

Depending on the problem, this may be with a program we offer, with other specialists or even going to get further testing done.

Unfortunately this assessment is for adults over the age of 23 only.


The sleep assessment will take any other health problems into account.