Goal-Setting Resource

  1. Write down some of the goals of your sleep programme. Instead of saying “improve sleep”, it’s helpful to break it down into specifics such as “I want to feel more refreshed in the mornings” or “I want to spend less time trying to fall asleep” or even “I want to feel more clear-headed at work”.
  2. Make sure you have a look at these every week of your sleep treatment journey and add to them as needed. When things can get tough on this course, reminding yourself of WHY you are doing this can be the difference between pushing through hard times or not. Ask yourself – is my goal of feeling less lonely and out of control more important than giving up and making myself feel better in the short term, or am I willing to push through for that? Goals are powerful!
  3. Also, it’s good to periodically remind yourself of what it was like before the course – chances are you are actually making progress! Without doing this, we tend to be quite hard on ourselves