Your 6-month personalised
sleep retraining plan

14-day trial

You’ll have 14 days to experience how Sleepyhead Program reduces your nightly sleep disturbances and improves your sleep.

The trial includes full access to our personalised program:

  • Anytime access to daily advice and exercises from leading insomnia specialist Stephanie Romiszewski.
  • A support group of other people also going through the program with you.
  • Weekly live video Q and A sessions with sleep and insomnia experts.
  • Your questions answered throughout by our team of sleep coaches.

You can easily cancel anytime within the first 14 days from your account section.


After your trial

Your sleep retraining program will last 3 months, however you will get continued access to the program, the live clinic sessions and the support group for another 3 months.

The maintenance program

Upon completion of your 3 month sleep retraining program you will get access to the maintain and support program.

The program will help you further strengthen your gains and to prevent future relapses


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14-day trial


You’ll have 2 weeks to see how Sleepyhead Program changes your sleep

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6-Month Plan

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Sleepyhead Program in numbers

Success Rate

62 Mins

Less time awake at night

29 Mins

Less time to fall asleep

Based on a study of 340 members who followed Sleepyhead Program. 94% experienced an improvement in their sleep. On average members reduced the time awake through the night by 62 minutes and the time it took for them to fall asleep by 29 minutes.

How their lives changed

"It's been amazing... I'd tried everything: melatonin, meditation, acupuncture, magnesium, CBT, and all sorts.. But nothing had worked. I'd gone years and years and years with insomnia and then in a few weeks I was sleeping 7 hours a night. This is how you learn to sleep again."
Liz C.
"I had nothing to lose. Really, if it didn't work then I'd lose nothing. But getting healthy sleep is priceless. It's fantastic, I haven't felt this good, in a very, very long time"
Clare C.
"It's changed my life, my work, my concentration and my health. I was exhausted from the moment I used to get up. I used to wake up in the night and not sleep or go to bed and be unable to fall asleep. It was like that 5 or 6 times a week at least. Then, when I did the program it was like wow! I woke up full of energy. It was amazing"
Sebastian B.

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