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Fixing insomnia

Why do most insomnia treatments fail?

Why is it that over 90% of insomnia treatments fail?

I’m a sleep clinician and in the clinic I hear my patients list all the things that they have already tried.

Things like CBD oil, relaxation, magnesium, other herbal supplements, massage, different types of therapy and hypnotherapy, CBT, sleep sprays… Tech stuff to help them sleep.

But in reality, you can’t fix a long-term chronic problem with a short-term very reactive solution. That is why most insomnia treatments fail.

Actually, in clinics in the NHS, we use just one way to treat chronic sleep issues. And that’s with CBT-i – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for insomnia.

It’s a behavioural retraining of your brain to be able to build that sleep drive and sleep like you used to. It’s got to be done over a bit of time, and it’s the ONLY thing that has an evidence base that we see in thousands of patients time and time again.

It treats the condition for good so it’s no longer there. It doesn’t just control it, or alleviate some of the symptoms which some of the other solutions may… It gets rid of the sleep problem altogether for good.