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Fixing insomnia

The link between insomnia and mental health

When I talk to patients who have insomnia and sleep problems, it’s not the actual symptoms of sleep that they describe to me…

It’s how insomnia can make anyone feel so lonely and isolated from our society, family and friends. 

It makes us feel like we don’t have control over our own bodies anymore or we’re losing the ability to sleep. It’s not just a sleep problem, it affects our mental health which means it affects everything… It affects our entire lives. 

I know that insomnia can make us feel completely isolated. It’s such a unique problem to each individual that it can make you feel like there is no solution. 

You’ve tried everything so you feel it can’t be fixed. You don’t know what else is out there for you…

I’m an NHS insomnia specialist, which means there are specialists out there that can help you with this condition. It is important that we seek treatment because it can be resolved.