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Fixing insomnia

Is there an easy cure to fix insomnia?

Different types of sleep cures for insomnia is a thing I get present often as an NHS sleep clinician.

And the reality is that they don’t work.

Insomnia is a pattern of behaviour that happens over time. No amount of things that we do, like lotions or techniques from the internet, are going to suddenly fix a long-term repetitive behaviour that’s become a problem.

At the end of the day, if we have an eye problem wedon’t go to the internet to find the solution, we would go to the opticians. When we have a back problem we go to the physio…

But when it comes to sleep we tend to talk to family and friends. We also go online to look for 20 top tips. Is it any wonder that those kinds of things just don’t work?

There are actually many of us qualified sleep specialists who can help you treat your insomnia in the right way.

Come and get treated properly and forget get the snake oil, forget all these things that don’t help.