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Sleep science

Is it insomnia?

When I was working at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS hospital I saw thousands of cases of insomnia. And it would present differently with everybody.

I saw people who had menopause and then they got insomnia. People who went through illnesses, took new medications, had a lot of stress in their lives… Others having the condition from birth. And some didn’t even know why they had insomnia.

Then, there were people that actually didn’t have a problem getting to sleep, but had a problem maintaining it. They just couldn’t stay asleep for long.

People who would literally not have any of those problems but it would feel like the quality of their sleep was impacting on their day… it just didn’t feel right.

The reality is: if you’ve had any of those symptoms for longer than three months and it is impacting on the quality of your life, it’s probably a type of insomnia and it’s important that you seek treatment for it.