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Fixing insomnia

How hard is insomnia therapy?

We know that we have a treatment for insomnia that works… I’ve been doing it for the last 15 or more years, treating hundreds and if not thousands of patients. And this question often comes up…

And my answer is always: It’s a lot easier than having the condition.

It does take some time because it’s a behavioural approach that requires work from the individual. So, it’s not one of those one-stop shop quick trick fixes. These, unfortunately, don’t work.

Like everything in life, anything good usually requires some work to make it happen, and if you’re willing to put a little bit of effort into behavioural change – by consistently doing a few behaviours over a few weeks – insomnia therapy becomes pretty easy…

With the right support – from somebody who has experience, who understands what you’re going through, and has seen it in many different types of people – it actually becomes a lot easier than having insomnia.