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Fixing insomnia

Finding the right sleep therapy

I’m an NHS sleep clinician and if you are looking to find the right sleep therapy this is what I would recommend for successful treatment:

We use something called cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia or CBT-i for short.

There are many different ways to get CBT-i, for example:

  • We can read it in a book;
  • We can do some of it online;
  • We can see somebody face to face.

At the end of the day, it’s important that behind that CBT-i there is a qualified sleep specialist. A clinician who has experience with hundreds if not thousands of insomnia cases.

They need to have real clinical experience… And you need a program that can provide the support that you’re going to need. Behavioural work is quite tough in the first instance and it can be uncomfortable.

You’ve got to do things that might be quite repetitive and consistent, and if we don’t have the support, if we don’t have that experience, we are not going to get that successful behavioural change that we are after.