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Sleep science

Does insomnia worsen over time?

Where people are on their insomnia journey is quite interesting. Often I see that people who are at the beginning of their journey feel a lot more anxious and stressed about their condition. 

If they haven’t had intervention from someone like me in enough time then you’ll see that they see it very differently. They have come to accept their problem. They don’t like it but it no longer makes them anxious and stressed. 

Sleep deprivation and insomnia are two separate things.

If you have chronic sleep deprivation (you’re actively restricting yourself from sleeping every single night) then you could get very sick. 

But as somebody who’s suffered from insomnia for years and years will tell you, they aren’t suffering from anything where they’ve become incredibly sick. 

They are carrying on and although it’s very uncomfortable and it makes them feel bad, they are still getting on with life. They haven’t become incredibly sick or been hospitalized from just a poor sleep pattern.