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Channel 4 – The secrets of sleep

Across the British Isles, getting a good night’s sleep has never been trickier. A third of us are affected by sleep problems and we are now officially the worst sleepers in Europe. 

THE SECRETS OF SLEEP is an ambitious new documentary series that reveals the extraordinary personal journeys of 12 of the nation’s worst sleepers as they attempt to conquer their chronic sleep disorders.

Each week, 4 Brits suffering life debilitating sleep conditions check into a state of the art sleep clinic in heart of the English countryside. With the help of cutting edge night vision cameras, audio rigs and sleep monitoring equipment, the patients are observed around the clock by a dream team of world renowned sleep specialists before being diagnosed and issued with ground breaking treatment plan.

From sleep paralysis to restless leg syndrome, extreme night terrors to narcolepsy, friendships are formed and tears are shed as these long-term sleep sufferers come together to take on their weird and not so wonderful sleep disorders.

Overseeing all the action are four leading sleep experts; Consultant Neurologist Dr Guy Leschziner, (Guy’s and St Thomas’), Sleep Behaviour Specialist Stephanie Romiszewski, Sleep Environment Expert James Wilson and Psychologist Anjula Mutanda. 

At the heart of each programme are the emotional and challenging transformations of the patients as they embark on life changing journeys in an attempt to achieve the good night’s sleep that has always eluded them. Along the way we’ll witness their struggles, learn from their mistakes and discover the secrets of sleep.

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