30 day guarantee terms and conditions

30 day money back guarantee term and conditions

We know that better sleep is priceless for anyone with a sleep problem.

That being said, we know that you may feel you have tried multiple ‘fixes’ with poor results and may be apprehensive to pay for another solution. 


The Sleepyhead Program is challenging and requires motivation and complete commitment. To succeed in fixing your sleep problem with this program it is vital that you follow and adhere to the recommendations and rules as laid out during the course.

The course is difficult and so we uphold our conditions very strictly. The refund policy is in place to appease any worry you may have regarding the success of the program and we want to instill confidence in the program as well as in your ability to be successful in stamping out your sleep problem! 

In order to to be eligible for a full money back refund you are required to meet all of the following criteria:

  • Refund eligibility window: within 30 days of purchase [day of purchase is day 1 of 30]
  • Watch and listen to all the content within the introductory session and all subsequent modules.
  • Follow the instructions and exercises given to you by Stephanie Romiszewski from Module 1 onwards.
  • Complete your sleep tracker data weekly.
  • Complete all the questionnaires.
  • Do the sleep window scheduling as requested.

If it is shown and seen that you committed to, met all the conditions as stipulated above and ‘completed’  the program but still feel that your sleep has not improved then you must inform us, in writing by sending an email to the following address [email protected] stating the reason for the refund.

You must include your email address, full name and date of purchase. Following receipt of your refund request, and on condition that you qualify for a refund, Sleepyhead Program will send you an email confirming approval of the refund, following which payment shall be made within 14 days.

Refunds will only be made to the card used in the original transaction. Once a refund has been made for a Paid for Service you will no longer have rights to access the content and features of that service.

After the 30 day period has elapsed, given the immediate nature of access to Paid for Services, you no longer have the right to cancel your purchase or receive a full or partial refund

Refund due to medical reasons:

Should the program be negatively impacting a pre-existing medical condition within the 30 days of purchase, you must inform us in writing by sending an email to the following address [email protected] stating the reason for the refund. You must include your email address, full name and date of purchase as well as a letter from your healthcare practitioner clearly specifying that the Sleepyhead Program is negatively impacting your condition and overall health.

Due to the nature of our business we cannot offer refunds to individuals who have received medical diagnosis of conditions impacting sleep post 30 days of program purchase.

Please note that we are unable to answer any enquiries requesting medical advice. Such enquiries should be addressed to an appropriate, qualified general practitioner.