Are you ready to end your sleep problem?

This is the last treatment you'll have to "try"

If you’re suffering from chronic insomnia, none of the main “acclaimed treatments” will fix your sleep problem.

You’ve probably already tried sleep hygiene, meditation or relaxation.

Maybe you’ve even gone down the route of hypnosis or CBT. How about aromatherapy, melatonin, CBD oil, or magnesium?

Sadly none of these treatments work. There is no scientific evidence behind any of them.

The only scientifically proven, non-medicated way to fix insomnia.

While it may not enjoy the media love and attention that meditation or sleep hygiene get, the science speaks for itself.

There are vast amounts of evidence showing its long term efficacy.

Numerous medical studies including over 100 Randomised Controlled Trials, which are considered to provide the most reliable evidence on the effectiveness of a treatment.

This treatment is called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia or CBT-i for short (not to be confused with CBT) and is recognised as the gold standard treatment for Chronic Insomnia.

Unlike other treatments including sleeping pills, CBT-i will help you overcome the underlying causes of your sleep problems.

Created and developed by a world-leading insomnia specialist.


Created and developed by a world-leading insomnia specialist

Stephanie Romiszewski

All CBT-i programs are not the same and are not made equal.

Just like most physiotherapists will have different approaches for treating something like a chronic back pain, the same is also true with CBT-i practitioners.

Through years of experience and exposure to multiple patients with the most complex sleep disorders, the best physiologists can adapt and refine their program and in turn improve their success rate.

The Sleepyhead Program course has been created and features Stephanie Romiszewski.

Stephanie Romiszewski is a British Specialist Sleep Physiologist and TV sleep expert. She holds an MSc. in Behavioural Sleep Medicine, as well as a BSc. in Psychology.

She’s appeared on numerous sleep television programs around the world including BBC, Sky News and Channel 4 and is also a contributor for Business Insider, The Spectator, The Times, The Guardian, and Vice Magazine.

But it’s Stephanie’s more than 15 years’ experience treating over 10,000 patients for sleep disorders that makes her one of the world’s greatest sleep physiologists.

Stephanie Romiszewski
Business Insider

Fix your problem from the comfort of your own home.

The Sleepyhead Program is an online video course you can access whenever suits you, from the comfort of your living room.

No long waiting lists, no need to coordinate diaries…

You just log on and access your video sessions at the times that work best for you.

Each week you’ll get access to a new session which is made up of several videos, course workbooks, and exercises.

The sessions will outline what changes you need to implement as well as advice on how to proceed.

Depending on the individual, the course can last between 6 and 8 weeks, although certain people have successfully completed the course in just 4.

A few course snippets

The Sound Sleep Guarantee

You’re not alone in thinking ‘what if this does not work for me?’.

Most of our members were also feeling apprehensive about investing more money in an attempt to fix their sleep problem… 

This is why we created the Sound Sleep Guarantee 

It’s simple: you commit to the program and we’ll have your back. If you’ve done all the work and your sleep hasn’t improved, we’ll refund you!

For more information and full refund terms and conditions, click here.

What People Say

"I wish I had done something about my sleep problems a long time ago. Although I had been doing some things correctly, it’s not until you pick it all apart and understand why things are like they are that you start the process of recovery. Yes, it’s been hard at times, with unexpected methods but it is working! Like most things in life, it’s up to you to take on the challenge."
Iain B.
United Kingdom
I was so sceptical at first. I had suffered with insomnia for 19 years, only managing on 2 hours sleep a day!! Within 4 weeks my sleep had already doubled and some nights I've got 5 hours, this is amazing and the treatment was so easy to follow. I am SO glad I took up this treatment, I never thought I'd ever sleep properly again. Thank you so much Stephanie and for anyone thinking about it....Do it!!
Vivian H.

Grace's review

Frequently Asked Questions

It is vital to understand that this course is NOT an overnight cure.

If you are expecting this course to treat insomnia in a few days, you will be disappointed and this course is not for you. 

It will require some commitment on your part throughout the 4 weeks.

If you can not commit to 4 weeks, this course will sadly not help you.

In certain cases, the course will need to be tailored to your specificities. This is the case if you are suffering from any of the following:

  • Epilepsy
  • Sleep apnea
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • PTSD
  • Manic Depression
  • Diagnosed chronic fatigue

This will also be the case if sleep consistency is a struggle due to your circumstances such as:

  • Working night shifts
  • Parent of a baby yet to sleep full nights

This is dependant on the pace at which you follow the program.

If you do a module a week over 4 weeks you can expect:

Week 2 to 4: first changes then constant improvement

Week 4-6: Profound lasting change

Altering sleep may happen for you quickly, but the mindset behind what you are doing takes time.

Stephanie’s Behavioural Sleep Medicine Course has demonstrated success rates of above 90%.

By far, the single most important reason it has not been successful for less than 10% of sufferers is abandonment.


Sleeping better is priceless for anyone with a sleep problem.

You may be feeling anxious about investing in yet another treatment for your insomnia.

We want you to put your mind at ease and give you confidence that you are not wasting more money. This is why we have put a money back guarantee in place for your benefit.

If the program does not improve your sleep, we will refund you every penny.

However, this guarantee only applies if you commit completely to the program. We can’t help you fix your sleep if you don’t follow all our recommendations. 

In concrete terms, we want to see that you have committed to the program, that you’ve followed the recommendations and guidelines, that you’ve watched all the program, and that you have completed your sleep tracker data.

If you do complete these conditions and you feel that your sleep has not improved, then just email is and we will refund you.

To view full terms and conditions in detail please click here

Some people feel they should take time off their usual responsibilities to do the course. In fact, the opposite is true.

Having a structured routine of work, social life and healthy habits only helps aid the course and adds as a distraction when things get tough. Your body needs routine – so if you don’t really have one, create one for the course so you have other focuses.


Some people find they need to learn what they need to do first and take some time digesting this before they start, or something major is about to happen in their lives that would not be conducive to treatment such as moving house, having a baby or other potentially stressful life events. It’s ok to learn first and do later. Sometimes this is the best way. Choose what’s right for you, we are all different!

The course has been created by one of the world’s very best sleep physiologist.

The program created by Stephanie will treat your insomnia; we’re so confident that we guarantee your money back for 60 days if you haven’t discovered a new sleep and a new life.

The Behavioural Sleep Medicine Course is exactly the same as the one she offers in clinic but is:

  • Can be followed at whatever pace you wish
  • Accessible at times to suit you
  • Accessible anywhere in the world
  • Considerably more affordable

This is not a second best course or treatment…

Your investment in your health will bring you a new life we guarantee it.

Unfortunately, the Sleepyhead Program is for insomnia sufferers only.

If you suffer from other sleep disorders, then this course is not adapted… BUT Stephanie Romiszewksi has a vast amount of experience with many sleep issues and is very well placed to either help you or put you in touch with someone who can.

We recommend you reach out to her clinic:

You can contact Stephanie by clicking this link

This course is for adults only. Whilst some of the advice can be applied to children, it is best to get some further advice from a sleep specialist as at different ages we have different sleep needs, and the course may need to be adapted for the specific age group.

We’re really sorry to hear this… There are a couple of points to look at:

  • Firstly: was it CBT or CBTI? Although they sound similar they are not the same, and CBT is NOT made for treating sleep disorders. 


  • Secondly: we’d like to understand how your therapy was delivered and by who. Stephanie’s course has been created off the back of nearly 15 years’ experience and thousands of individuals treated. Her Behavioural Sleep Medicine course is based on CBTI. But it is that experience that means she is so successful at treating insomnia.

Your anxiety is completely understandable.. There are so many things out there that people try that end up making things worse. 

You probably feel that that you have so little control over your sleep already and it might go all together… 

Please rest assured, this course is no miracle, no quick fix overnight scam. It addresses the source of the problem and works on long term sleep improvement.

You will soon be rid of insomnia guaranteed!